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Hamburg 2019 and PCC Program

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Friday, May 31


17.00-18.30 h       Arrival + Welcome Drinks (hotel bar, Novotel)

19.00-21.00 h       Non-official Get-Together „Schifferboerse“

                                (direct paying at own charge, p.P. 15-20 € + beverages)

Traditional northern German cuisine within an authentic maritime setting. A place where past and present join into a delightful unity


Saturday, June 1


13.00-17.00 h       IYFR-Infopoint „Eye of the Wind“ Sandtorkai

Eye of the Wind will berth right in front of the landmark Elbphilharmonie in the HafenCity quarter, Hamburg’s touristic hotspot. In addition to the IYFR promotion booth in the HOF, this authentic tall ship will hoist a huge IYFR-flag and serve as an outpost info-stand for RIC-visitors interested in our Fellowship on the first day of the RI World Convention.


17.00-20.00 h       Bistro-Evening onboard „Eye of the Wind“
                                tall-ship‘s berth at Sandtorkai, in front of „Elbphilharmonie“

                                (pre-booking, max. 40 Pers., 25 € + beverages)

... one of the last traditional sailing ships of our time! Being on board the more than hundred-year-old brig Eye of the Wind your phantasy will take you already to the oceans of the world. Find out the charm of this magnificent ship, owned by IYFR Fleet Germany South member Roland Herkert.


21.00-24.00 h       St. Pauli, Hamburg‘s world-famous famous nightlife district ‘Reeperbahn’

                                casual walk through in small guided groups (direct paying at own charge)

Discover the variety of Hamburg´s old suburbia St. Pauli, its ties to the river, and the harbor, its small side streets are home to artists, anarchists, political activists, dreamers, misfits, hookers, punks, refugees, retired sailors, failed musicians, coming stars. Discover the place where The Beatles had their breakthrough!


Sunday, June 2


17.00-18.30 h       Dinghy-Sailing on the Alster-Lake

                                in downtown Hamburg  (4-5 persons / boat)
                                (pre-booking, „Barca“ p.P. ca. 9 € , direct paying at own charge)

The “Outer Alster” lake, facing the city center, is surrounded by ancient trees, green parks and beautiful mansions. We will enjoy sailing together with small keelboats and possibly even slide into some casual regatta competition


19.00-22.00 h       Meet and Greet dinner at „Alsterlounge“

                                next to „Barca“ boat rental peer at the Alster-Lake

                                (pre-booking, p.P. 56 € + beverages)


This maritime clubhouse provides a breathtaking view across the ‘Aussenalster’, the big lake right in the heart of Hamburg. With its perspective on this lake, the Alster-Steamboats, sailing boats, and the skyline of Hamburg, we can’t celebrate our ‘Meet&Greet’ more wonderful.


Monday, June 3


17.00-19.00 h       „International Maritime Museum“

                                incl. English guided tour and ship-simulator

                                (pre-booking, 25 € p.P.)

The internationally renowned museum is housed in the heritage listed building “Kaispeicher B”. Three thousand years maritime history and tradition are displayed on nine ‘decks’ with precious exhibits, model ships, and paintings. We will also visit the new ship-simulator. Become part of the world of container vessels and cruise ships as captain, helmsman, or pilot. Try to navigate a container vessel into Hamburg harbor by yourself.


19.00-22.00 h       Dinner „Catch of the Day“
                                in the „Int’l. Maritime Museum“ building

                                (pre-booking, p.P. 25 € + beverages)


Tuesday, June 4


11.30-13.30 h       Harbor-Cruise with snack on board / on Pier

                                (pre-booking, direct paying at own charge, p.P. 25 € + beverages)

Enjoy an exciting harbor tour and explore the city of Hamburg from the water. Learn interesting facts about Hamburg as you cruise along historic warehouses in the “Speicherstadt” (Unesco World Heritage), the growing urban Hafen-City, the numerous bridges over the Elbe River, big ship yards, and the busy container terminals.


15.00-17.00 h       AGM , “Novotel City Alster”

                                                pre-booking, no charge


19.00-22.00 h       Gala / Formal Dinner & Turnover Ceremonies

                                In panoramic rooftop room with breathtaking harbor view, Hotel “Hafen Hamburg”

                                pre-booking, p.P. 86 € incl. beverages (beer, wine, soft drinks, water)



Hotel „Novotel City Alster“


“Novotel City Alster” has been assigned by RI for IYFR for staying during the Rotary World Convention in Hamburg. The Alsterlounge (15 min-walk), shopping arcades and museums, theatres, opera, exhibition, and the Congress Center (RIC venue) are all within only a 2 to 4 kilometers distance (8 minutes subway). The Underground stations U1/U3 can be reached in only a few steps.



Hamburg Downtown Map

with RIC and IYFR venues


Schedule Hamburg and PCC 2019

IYFR, RIC and PCC program


Wednesday, June 5


17.30-19.30 h       Leaving from Hamburg to Kiel-Holtenau

for Post-Convention-Cruise

                                by shuttle-bus directly from Novotel hotel to tall-ship peer

                                p.P. 14 €  (approx. 1 hour)


Welcome on Board: IYFR Region Germany Commodore Georg Hagemeyer and the 2019 RIC/PCC Organisation Committee look forward to welcoming the international guests aboard the glorious tall-ships „ARTEMIS“, „EYE OF THE WIND“, and „ABEL TASMAN“


19.30-21.00 h       Welcome - Buffet on Board Tall-Ship „Artemis“

                                for IYFR-Guests of all three Tall-Ships and all ext. IYFR yacht crew (max. 100 Pers.)

                                IYFR tall-ship guests: included in PCC-charge + beverages

                                IYFR ext. yachts crews: p.P. 35 € + beverages

Do you want to make your dream of sailing on a windjammer come true at last? This short IYFR Post-Convention Tall-Ship-Cruise is an excellent way to get a taste of real traditional seafaring adventure in an unbeatable combination with touristic highlights and sightseeing at wonderful charming places !


Cruising Area :

German Baltic Sea „Kiel Bay“ / Danish Archipelago „South-Sea“   
From Kiel-Holtenau, we will sail along Baltic Sea coast within sight of the coastline. At this time of the year, only low waves and moderate wind speeds are to be expected in this area of the Western Baltic Sea. We guarantee plenty of fresh air, but certainly no 'hell ride' in gale-force winds. Even in these few days at sea, you will enjoy the comfort and excellent on-board cuisine and experience genuine traditional seamanship.

Please consider the following notes on the itinerary: The indicated ports are optional. The ship's management reserves the right to change the itinerary at short notice depending on wind and weather conditions.




Numerous old tall-ships and schooners are moored on the traditional Holtenau “Tiessenkai”- quay in the Kiel Bay. You can observe the lively coming and going at the locks of the Kiel Canal: Ocean liners as well as sports yachts are passing the world's busiest artificial waterway. On the walk to the famous old lighthouse, you will get a taste of the nostalgic harbor atmosphere with small souvenir-shops, tiny bars and historic “captain’s houses”



The small German town Eckernförde dates back more than 700 years. From the harbor to the shops, from the shops to the fine sandy beach, everything is at close quarters. The idyllic harbor with its sailing yachts and fishing boats has an inviting promenade that winds around the edge. Just at a stone’s throw, there are shop-lined streets enticing visitors to take a relaxing stroll.


Ærø / Marstal

Marstal in the southeast of the Danish island of Ærø has a reputation of this seaport as Denmark's sailing ship hub. The seamen's houses are built close to the harbor. In between, the narrow streets and alleys twist and wind in a charmingly disordered manner. The harbor is home to the internationally renowned Maritime Museum, which houses more than 200 ship models and other exhibits from all seven seas. Nearby are the renowned picturesque beach houses of Ærø Island.



On the Danish island of Als, Sønderborg’s major attraction is the royal castle (a primal medieval fortress) with its park and habitually the Royal Danish Yacht “Dannebrog”. A walk along the harbor row with the historic merchant's houses and a stroll through the Old Town with its typical Danish tranquility should not be missed. In Sønderborg you'll find cozy walking streets with a selection of shops and a café area.



Saturday, June 8


19.00-24.00 h       Farewell-Dinner and Party

                                „Luzifer“ am  Tiessenkai, Kiel-Holtenau

                                incl. dinner, beverages, music etc :

                                for  tall-ship guests: included in PCC-charge, for ext. yacht-crews p.P. 75 €



Sunday, June 9


until 10.00 h         Breakfast on Board

                                „Tiessenkai“-Pier in Kiel-Holtenau

                                and individual Departures after 10.00 h



This Program was made possible by the IYFR 2019 RIC/PCC Organization Committee:


  • Georg Hagemeyer    Commodore Region Germany
  • Martin Doller           Vice-Commodore Region Germany
  • Ewert Cramer           Special Advisor IB, RPC Germany
  • Eckhardt Fischer       Secretary Region Germany
  • Goetz Ziegler            Treasurer Region Germany
  • Christian Offerman   Webmaster, FM Germany North
  • Linn Lenné               Toronto Ambassador, FC Germany South
  • Bob Burns                Coordinator IB, Area 1 Commodore



Event Date: 
Friday, May 31, 2019 - 09:01 to Sunday, June 9, 2019 - 19:01