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Rotary Regatta Carniola rom May 27th until May 30th 2017

The annual Rotary Regatta Carniola, organized by the Rotary Club of Lubljana Carniola and involving the IYFR Slovenia Fleet. The regatta will take place from May 27th until May 30th. The start will be on the island of Murter, Croatia and the route will be to the islands of Kornati in the middle of Dalmatia, Croatia. This year the organisers have found very good cultural sites and excellent restaurants. Participants can expect many surprises and a lot of fun.  IYFR members from a number of Countries in Area 1 have taken part during the past few years and can testify to the great fun enjoyed by all. 

The regatta web site is:  http://regata.rc-carniola.si  

There are application forms for individual sailors http://regata.rc-carniola.si/sl/prijava-udelezenca/ , for complete crew teams and also for booking boats at http://regata.rc-carniola.si/sl/contact-forms-rotary-regatta/ .

Photos from previous regattas are published on one site http://regata.rc-carniola.si/sl/photogallery-regatta-carniola/ and give a good idea of the fun and enjoyment to be had.  Some members prefer sailing meetings to social ones and this provides a great opportunity to enjoy both.  Further details can be obtained from our Regional Commodore for the Balkans, Marko Murn at markoa.murn@gmail.com .