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Joining IYFR

The international Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians has two classifications of membership

  • Regular Members are active Rotarians and Roteractors along with their spouses or partners.
  • Honorary Members may be former Rotary members, their spouses or partners. One can not join as an honorary member; it is a membership bestowed by a fleet bridge or the international bridge.

The Fellowship is organized in Fleets in different geographic areas around the world. Members are encouraged to join IYFR through a fleet local to their location (members can belong to more than one fleet). Each fleet in the Fellowship sets its own dues structure and often charges a different membership fee to cover their own administration costs. Their annual dues may be more or less than the Independent member dues but Fleet dues always include your membership in the International Fellowship!

Rotarians wishing to join the Fellowship who live in an area where there is no fleet may do so as an Independent Member... sort of a fleet at large.

Like Rotary Clubs, members are encouraged to attend events with any fleet as they travel around the world.

The International fellowship is organized into three geographic areas, with each area divided into regions and fleets. To join IYFR send an e-mail to the area commodore most appropriate to the area where you reside, attaching the application form

Prosspective Members living in places where there is no IYFR Fleet operating, are considered temporarily at large and can register with the World E-Fleet