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Fellowship News

  • Area1 AGM update

    Dear IYFR friend,

    I hope you, your families and all Fleet members in your region are in good health. 

    Let me just give you additional information about our planned Area-1 AGM in October. 

    The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues evolving quickly in the A1 IYFR with new information and cases being confirmed daily. Together with Bob and Carlo, we continue vigorously monitoring and responding to these developments.

    Due to these circumstances, we have negotiated an extension with the Grand Hotel Portoros, which will guarantee the agreed to price of accommodations until the end of May 2020. The hotel has accepted this new date and are ready to meet with us in the second half of May. At that time, we will try to push back such date even further until the end of June. However, that will be last chance to lock in these lower prices. Considering that the hotel reservation can be cancelled without any cost until October 5th, we do recommend you to book the rooms now.

    The Hotel Sales Policy clearly defines the cancellations:

    "The reservation can be cancelled online no less than 3 day(s) prior to arrival.

    In case of no show, we will apply a cancellation fee of 100,00 % of reservation value.

    In case of cancellation 365-3 days before arrival, we charge a cancellation fee of 0.00% of the reservation value.

    In case of cancellation 2-1 days before arrival, we charge a cancellation fee of 1 overnight(s) in selected accommodation."

    The Area-1 AGM Program pre-paid registration fee of 100€ to the agency guarantees no cost cancellation up to 30 days in advance, which means we can cancel up to September 9, with a full refund. Thus, we ask all IYFR members, interested in joining us at the AGM 2020, to make the registrations as soon as possible and send the completed Registration Form. The prepayment of 100€ should be made only before the end of August. 

    The safety and well-being of our members should prevail above all during the A1 AGM.

    The IYFR International Bridge will observe the development of this pandemic situation and make the appropriate decisions accordingly and in due time.

    We have received 40 registrations until now, and do hope you will join them in next days.

    Take care and stay safe.


    Marko Murn, Johannes Krmc, Samo Krivic