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Fellowship News

  • Vendee Globe: Conrad passed Cape Horn

    Foresight Natural Energy skipper Colman passed the famed milestone in 10th place at 0416 UTC, 66 days, 16 hours and 14 minutes since the Vendée Globe began in Les Sables d'Olonne, France. Colman's passage from Cape Leeuwin in the west of Australia took 24 days, 23 hours and 44 minutes, and he rounded the Horn 13 hours and 27 minutes behind ninth-placed Eric Bellion.  
    It is the third time the 33-year-old has experienced Cape Horn, which enjoys a mythical status among sailors, having passed it previously in 2012 during the Global Ocean Race and in 2014 with the Barcelona World Race. This is his first solo rounding, however, and Colman admitted to being sad not to be able to enjoy the moment with company. “Cape Horn is such a dramatic place, especially for sailors and adventurers,” he said. “It's a pretty cool place to be, it's the end of the world, but it's a shame not to have anyone to share the moment with. I would like to come back one day with my wife and just play at being tourists. It's always a great moment getting into the Atlantic, turning the corner and heading for Europe. It's a sad moment as well because we say goodbye to the Southern Ocean, which has a really special place in the hearts and minds of all the sailors. It looks like I will pass to the east of the Falklands, running downwind in nice conditions. It should give me a good boost into the South Atlantic.