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Fellowship News

  • Typhoon Haiyan

    When a disaster strikes, responding promptly is a must. We did and Evanston recognized it "Thanks to IYFR for taking action when the moment needed your Fellowship the most.You certainly stepped up the challenge:"

    We did promptly and it was appreciated, go to the Philippines Star article

    Here you can see some clarifications about our operations in support of the people of Philippines in occasion of this disaster: IYFR RELIEF OPERATION IN THE PHILIPPINES - FAQs

    Super Typhoon Haiyan — one of the most powerful storms ever recorded — slammed into the central islands of the Philippines, The news about the distruction and the victims it caused are terrible, we feel close to our Philippine friends. IVC Jun emailed us a first report about our fellows there:

    "The wrath of the super storm caused unimaginable destruction and loss of many lives in the areas in its path. Mactan where RC Udo and RVC Sven lives seems to have minimal damage but I am unable to reach our other members in Cebu where most live. I just hope that they are fine. FC Pros who lives in the earthquake stricken province of Bohol is also uncontactable because the communication in the area is down. In the City of Tacloban the capital of the Province of Leyte where the strongest ever recorded highest wind landfall in history, bodies of men, women and children lay on the streets and in their houses trapped by storm surges of more than 3 meters. A sorry sight and more when people started looting malls and department stores in the aftermath of destruction in breakdown of peace and order.

    A sad daw for the country brought about by the unfortunate tragedy.

    Many thanks for your kind thoughts.

    Kind regards