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Fellowship News


    There are many IYFR events coming up during the next few months, often involving members from several different countries meeting together, so, naturally, people are concerned about the situation with respect to the coronavirus (COVID-19).  We are, therefore, closely monitoring the situation, as it keeps changing, and are continually assessing its impact on our events.

    At present we are not recommending any events be cancelled, but we do encourage members to abide by WHO and local guidelines.  The RI Convention in Honolulu is still going ahead at present and our Area 2 and Area 1 Meetings, in Colombia this month and Slovenia in October, respectively, are still proceeding as planned, but, as previously stated, the situation will be closely monitored.

    Members are urged to check on travel restrictions before making travel arrangements and to read their travel insurance carefully in the light of them, especially in relation to cover for any future possible cancellation.

    The latest information on COVID-19 and updates on travel guidance can be found on ‘My Rotary’.  Any updates on IYFR events will be posted in ‘Rotafloat’ on .