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Fellowship News

  • Vendee Globe - Our friend Conrad is OK - his last message of 7 January morning

    Although he has had to solve many technical problems since entering the South Seas, the first New Zealander to participate in the Vendée Globe, impresses with his tenacity and courage. Conrad Colman is today heading towards Cape Horn that's four days of sea ...Photo sent from the boat Foresight Natural Energy, on December 14th, 2016 - Photo Conrad ColmanPhoto envoyée depuis le bateau Foresight Natural Energy le 14 Décembre 2016 - Photo Conrad ColmanCold portrait in the south
    "It is really good to progress again towards the East with the rigging well in place, the sails that allow me to advance and the keel well positioned down. It is much more relaxing than to see the keel tilted towards the sky in place of the mast! I'm a fan of Jules Verne's books. My boat is numbered NZL 80 by reference to his book Le Tour du Monde in 80 days. His other book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea speaks of a submariner named Captain Nemo. The place furthest from the land is called Point Nemo in his honor and is halfway between New Zealand, Chile, the Pitcairn Islands and Antarctica. I was just south of this point when the forestay broke. It feels good not to be in the middle of nowhere, especially because I was able to benefit from weak winds and the sun to repair the mainsail. I have blues, cuts on my hands and a displaced coast. It will take me a few days to recover. Now that the boat is ready, I have stronger winds coming from the South which will allow me to move quickly to Cape Horn. "