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Fellowship News

  • Vendèe Globe


    Our friend Conrad Colman is today in the 12th position, despite the fire he suffered onboard few days ago and not having yet recovered the wind data from the instruments.

    in a call with Mike Sanders he told

    " It is a beautiful sunny day in the Southern Ocean and I am sailing under spinnaker. I have been dodging icebergs. It has been pretty cold. I have been trying to get the autopilots back on line. I don’t have any wind instruments and so it is a little bit dicey when I am sailing under spinnaker. There is lots of guesswork involved in terms of wind strength and angles. So I have been soldering and connecting cables and putting on strings. And helping the boat back up. Because I am not sailing with wind (the pilot feed) then the boat wipes out a lot. It is not a problem. I am working through the user manuals and the trouble shooting guides. I spend a lot of time driving. I am tired. But the boat speed is good. I am a little bit unsure about how fast to go, considering the technical challenges that I face. That is why I sought out Arnaud Boissières to cross tacks with him and do a speed test, and so I came out with a better angle, and that gave be a big boost of confidence."

    here you can see the tracking of Conrad race: http://tracking2016.vendeeglobe.org/hp5ip0/