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International Bridge Officers 2015 to 2017

Commodore Jesus 'Jun' Avecilla and Lil
from Manila, Philippines.

In 2009 President Jun Avecilla of RC Cubao West founded the Cubao West Fleet and became its Charter Commodore. The following year he formed four more fleets making the Philippines an IYFR Region and therefore became its first Regional Commodore. And, in that short period he was subsequently and unanimously elected and served as International Rear Commodore from 2011-2013 and International Vice Commodore in 2013-2015. He is the first Asian and Filipino to head the IYFR in its 67 years of existence . An avid and passionate sailor he actively promotes sailing in the erstwhile American naval base in the Subic Bay, Zambales, Philippines. He participates in regattas and races with his Beneteau First 36.7 sailboat Selma Star with two of his sons Zedrik and Marcus, winning numerous local and international regattas and offshore races in Singapore, East Malaysia and China. Ever supportive sail widow FM Lil enjoys the travel to race venues but hardly ever joins them in the actual races. IC Jun encompasses and balances Rotary Fellowship with a flair for Service and determined concern for the environment. As a serious and committed advocate for the preservation, conservation, protection of marine life, its varied biodiversity and marine habitats... he is consistently in the forefront in the cleaning seacoasts, waterways and water tributaries which likewise is the guiding mission of the IYFR Mariners of the Philippine Fleet.


Vice Commodore Guillermo Arteta and Monica
from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Guillermo was born into a family in Argentina which owned department stores. First he studied economics and law, becoming a lawyer and Doctor in Economics. After 18 months in Europe, building up his skills in English and French languages, he returned to Buenos Aires and worked in the family business for 12 years. He was then a Director of the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires, a private bank and other companies. He is now retired. At the age of 28, Guillermo joined the Rotary Club of Buenos Aires, holding nearly all positions. He led a Group Study Exchange team to England in 1977 and has held various district appointments. He was approached in 2000 by IC Joe Philips about forming an IYFR Fleet in Argentina. This was chartered during the subsequent convention in Buenos Aires taking the name Rio de la Plata Fleet. He was its first FC. He chartered a second Fleet alzo in Argentina in 2004 and in 2009 in Brazil’s most populous city Sao Paulo. This was followed by Punta del Este, in Uruguay, Guayaquil, in Ecuador and finally Puerto Varas in Chile.  Guillermo is married to Monica Renaud and they have four children and three grandchildren.   Apart from sailing he has a special interest in English and French literature.



Rear Commodore Robert (Bob) Burns and Ann
Wemyss Bay, United Kingdom

Bob is a retired Clinical Biochemist, who worked most of life in hospitals in the West of Scotland.  He started sailing in 1981, when he moved to a hospital on the River Clyde.  He joined Rotary in 1985 and, after holding a number of offices, became President of the Rotary Club of Greenock in 1998/99.  He joined IYFR in 1994 and quickly went on to become Commodore of the Clyde Fleet in 1996/98.  He subsequently took on the role of Regional Commodore for Great Britain and Ireland in 2010/12 and that of Area 1 Commodore in 2013/15.  Ann has always been at Bob’s side supporting him throughout his time in IYFR.  The two of them have cruised extensively together around the West of Scotland and the North East of Ireland, becoming familiar with many of the islands and anchorages which are found dotted around the coastline.  They prefer the leisurely life of cruising to the cut and thrust of racing and organized the Post Convention Cruise in 2009.  Ann is also now a member of Rotary and will become Commodore of the IYFR Clyde Fleet at the AGM in November 2015.