We present "Plastic Free Waters app", this is a contribution from IYFR to the care of the marine environment and global health. It is an innovative application for iOS and Android that has a clear objective: to report ghost nets and accumulations of plastic garbage in seas and oceans, contributing to the care and protection of our maritime environment and the health of our communities.

What are ghost nets? They are deadly traps for marine life, divers and cause boat accidents. These ghost nets have been abandoned in the ocean or have been discarded in a port and move floating or semi-submerged. In their displacement they continue to catch fish and other marine creatures for years, causing serious damage to the ecosystem. They cause clogging of boat propellers and are extremely dangerous for divers.

With "Plastic Free Waters app", any person, be him/her a fisherman, sports boater, lover of the sea, or commercial boater, can be a fundamental help in the fight against ghost nets and the pollution of seas and oceans. If the user is navigating and sees these floating obstacles, let's see how this unique application works:

Accurate Geolocation Reporting: When encountering a ghost net or floating plastic debris, simply open "Plastic Free Waters app" and let the app use your device's geolocation to determine your exact location. This ensures that the report accurately reaches the nearest Maritime Authority.

Works with or without Internet: Aware that connectivity can be a challenge on the high seas, "Plastic Free Waters app" has been designed to work both with and without Internet. If at the time of reporting a ghost net there is no connection, the report is saved in a waiting box.

Automatic Sending with Internet Connection: Once the device recovers the connection, "Plastic Free Waters app" automatically sends the stored report to the relevant entity. This ensures that your contribution is transmitted even in areas with limited coverage.

Security and Privacy: We value your privacy and security. Reports in the waiting box are stored encrypted on your device and are delivered securely when the connection is restored.

Intuitive Interface and User Experience: "Plastic Free Waters app" has a friendly and easy-to-use interface, which allows anyone, regardless of their level of technological experience, to use it without problems.

Creating Awareness: In addition to reporting ghost nets and accumulations of floating plastic, the application provides relevant information on the negative impact of these large polluting elements on marine life and how we can all contribute to protecting our seas and oceans.

Global Community: Join a committed community of users who share the goal of preserving our seas, oceans, and marine life. Share your experiences, learn from others and participate in campaigns to fight the pollution of our oceans.

With "Plastic Free Waters app", each report you submit is one more step towards a cleaner and safer maritime ecosystem. Download the app today and join the mission to protect marine life and preserve the health of our seas and oceans for future generations. Remember that our oceans produce 50% of the oxygen we breathe and absorb 30% of the carbon dioxide we exhale.

You can download this app from the App Store or Google Play. Or ask your Fleet Commodore or Region Commodore for the link.

Together we will make a difference!

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